Yin Yoga with Acupuncture Workshop

Susie Alemian Deluca MAC,RPh, N.T.P. & Jan Murray RYT/ LPTA

Friday, February 21
6:00 - 8:00PM

Jan Murray LPTA/ RYT and Susie Alemian, MAC, RPh, N.T.P. invite you to learn to slow down, find balance, physically, energetically, and mentally utilizing the therapeutics of acupuncture combined with the practice of Yin Yoga. Selected Yin Yoga poses and Acupuncture treatment help relax the nervous system and the parts of the body that typically store increased tension from anxiety. Learn To Just Be! Stress-free, Healthy and Happier! *15 Student maximum (pre registration required ) 

15 Student maximum (pre registration required )


Hull, MA, 02045

December 2020

The Center For Movement Weymouth was a place where students could find health and healing through a wide variety of mindful classes .
It is my intention to continue to  uphold these high standards as I navigate new possibilities for classes.
I will be teaching outdoors as long as the weather permits.
These teachings will be in the form of  group strength & conditioning classes, personal training sessions, private home groups, athletic trainings and yoga classes. 
This is not new for me nor is it inconvenient,  For those who know me, know i am in the best place i can be, outdoors! 
Your friendship has meant the world to me and it is my sincere hope that we can continue this journey in some way. 
I am available for small group in home sessions for anyone who is interested. Please feel free to reach out to me @ 781 974 5757 or [email protected] with any questions or comments. I remain committed to the health and well being of all my friends. 
      Jan Murray, owner The Center For Movement Weymouth  

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