Laura McEvoy

I started my journey of helping people as a school counselor, at both the middle and high school level. It was there that I counseled students as they went through major transitions and life stressors. I often said to myself, there must be a place for yoga, a time to strengthen not just their bodies, but minds. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to teach during my busy day. While I helped prepare students to succeed academically, I often thought the curriculum could include more social and emotional learning. Yoga can be that healthy outlet! Yoga can help students look within themselves to find their own voice, and provide a healthy outlet for stress. This passion for exercise and yoga, has led me to train under the Fitness Resource Associate as a yoga instructor and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a certified health coach.

You can find me teaching yoga in schools, seniors centers, worksites, and various fitness studios in the Greater Boston area! I did miss the counseling piece, however, and decided to combine my love for wellness and counseling, and design a specialized program just for girls caled Yo-Glow. Drawing on this knowledge, I help young girls to strive to be their personal best and assist them during some of the most challenging developmental years. By the end of the program, participants will be able to apply invaluable skills to their everyday life.


What People are saying about Laura…

“Through yoga and meditation Laura has taught me how to sit with self and absorb the beauty of the world around me. Working with her has absolutely strengthened my ability to relax.”  – Kaitlyn M., High School student

“Laura is a dedicated instructor that developed a great program for our young girls. The class was instructional and FUN! The girls enjoyed attending each week and we look forward to partnering in the future!”  – Mark G., Dover Parks and Rec. Dept.

“Laura has avery calming affect and my daughter loved taking yoga with her. As a teenager she was a bit uncomfortable going to a class with other teens, but Laura made her feel comfortable. She is looking forward to hopefully taking another class with Laura.”  – Kathy D., Parent of teen

“I have had the privilege of having Laura work with my 13 year old to assist her with her life goals, wellness, and academics. She is an amazing counselor and presents herself professionally. She listens to our concerns. Since Laura’s come into our lives, my daughter’s grades have gone up and she is more dedicated to her sports and homework.”  – Dianne M., Coaching client