Kathy Needleman

Kathy Needleman began her Dance Fitness career trained as an instructor for “Aerobic Patterns, Inc., The Aerobic Dance Specialists.

“Loving what you do” defines her passion and dedication to the sport.  

Kathy’s high energy is contagious in her classes.  She connects with her students by teaching a progressive program that is filled with today’s pop hits, oldies, country and swing music.

Designed for the non-dancer, her dance routines are cued and easy to follow.  It’s all about having fun!

Also licensed in Zumba, Kathy’s class mixes all varieties of music and routines.  There’s something for everyone from the warmup to the cooldown dance. 

Her commitment to excellence is inspiring and as the saying goes…..”There’s always a reason to Dance”!!!

So put on those dancing shoes and see you soon!