Jan Murray

Jan is a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, A.C.E. Personal Trainer, and Kripalu Yoga Teacher.

With 35 years experience in sports, health and fitness training, her passion for teaching and her strong motivation continues with her studies in therapeutic yoga and holistic health.

Jan’s expertise is built on 12 years as instructor and owner of Personal training studio, 19 years as a L.P.T.A. in orthopedic and school system settings, 10 years as coach, choreographer and strength and conditioning professional for high school and youth programs and 10 years as co-owner of Springwind Gymnastics School Inc., Weymouth, MA.

She has also completed extensive course work in Stott Pilates, Chi Running, Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Cervical-Thoracic and Lumbar Stabilization and MELT Method Trainings.

Jan’s insistence on precision, safety and perfection of technique and her high standards for excellence place her high in the Heath, Wellness and Fitness arena. She is invested in and loyal to her students. She presents them the greatest opportunities to understand, learn and experience their bodies through safe and profound movement and exercise and to never ever give up on themselves!


Hull, MA, 02045

December 2020

The Center For Movement Weymouth was a place where students could find health and healing through a wide variety of mindful classes .
It is my intention to continue to  uphold these high standards as I navigate new possibilities for classes.
I will be teaching outdoors as long as the weather permits.
These teachings will be in the form of  group strength & conditioning classes, personal training sessions, private home groups, athletic trainings and yoga classes. 
This is not new for me nor is it inconvenient,  For those who know me, know i am in the best place i can be, outdoors! 
Your friendship has meant the world to me and it is my sincere hope that we can continue this journey in some way. 
I am available for small group in home sessions for anyone who is interested. Please feel free to reach out to me @ 781 974 5757 or [email protected] with any questions or comments. I remain committed to the health and well being of all my friends. 
      Jan Murray, owner The Center For Movement Weymouth  

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