Class Descriptions

Restorative Yoga

This class is slow and mellow with long, comfortable holds focusing on reducing stress through restful rejuvenation and gentle massage.  As you are guided into the restorative pose, you will receive gentle nurturing touch to aid in the healing process and align the union of your being into a complete relaxation.

Restorative Yoga is a deeply relaxing practice, often referred to as the “yoga of surrender”. The restorative asanas differ from free-standing yoga poses, which are held in proper alignment by muscular action. In these modifications of classical poses, the muscles remain quiet; the shape and alignment of the pose is determined by props. If relaxation is to be attained, therefore, one must have proper support and alignment. With the use of yoga props, such as belts, blocks, blankets, bolsters and chairs, the student is able to relax into yoga postures using little, if any, muscular effort. This enables the student to hold poses for a greater length of time facilitating deep release and transforming the effects of stress. As the body relaxes in restful postures it is provided an opportunity to renew, heal and cultivate the habit of attention. Restorative yoga helps to soothe the nervous system and calm and focus the mind using the breath as the medium. It is great for anyone dealing with injuries, the onset of cold or flu, menstruation, jet lag, vata imbalance or a busy stressful lifestyle. Suitable for all levels of ability.

Flow Yoga

In this Vinyasa inspired class, Kerry Ann combines a creative and authentic Vinyasa practice to promote a very unique blend of energies and enhancements. Go deep into your practice, uncover your grace, strength, balance and flexibility in this very dynamic practice. Flow yoga will include combination poses that will strengthen your ability to transition from one situation to another situation on your mat as you transition off mat into your world. Get ready to dive deep, to enter the round of the unknown and to tap into your inner strength and discover more peace and joy along the way. This is an open level class that will offer options for both begin her inexperience practitioners a like; please honor your experience  and take it to your degree. Modifications will be offered.


The Friday morning Viniyoga class will aerobically invigorate and rejuvenate you for the day ahead. To build resilience and stamina, you will flow in and out of poses mindfully, back and forth, to prepare for then holding the pose in stillness. Meanwhile various breath patterns are synchronized with the movement to enhance the therapeutic effect of the practice. Classes will include a five-minute meditation.

Yin Yoga and Meditation

Soothe the body, soothe the soul in this “TGIF” candlelit yoga class that’s all about letting go of stress, receiving your body’s wisdom and practicing kindness towards your whole being. Classes will include meditation as well as yin yoga, deep relaxation and/or restorative postures. Chill out with us on Friday eves and find out more about the skill and practice of deep relaxation!

Rise and Shine Yoga

In this kripalu style class, safe alignment in warm ups, postures (asanas) and transitions will be emphasized. Students are educated and empowered to determine their own limitations. Musculoskeletal anatomy specific to the postures and pranayama will be taught along with with a high dose of self -awareness training. Rise and Shine With Us! It’s a Great way To Start Your Day!

Adult Ballet Program

Body Strong Boston Adult Ballet Program offers courses in ballet taught by professional dancer and Ballet Master, Cristobal Marquez. Mr. Marquez is an accomplished ballet dancer who brings his expertise to the adult learner in way that brings confidence and joy to his students. These sessions are designed for students 18 years and older. The program incorporates a user-friendly, structured curriculum that introduces music, movement, and group interaction. Fundamental ballet techniques and terminology such as Vaganova/Cuban Technique are taught in a way that is engaging to all students in the program, no matter what their previous experience.

• Improve Posture & Increase Confidence
• Develop Stamina, Musicality and Coordination
• Increase Body Awareness and Body Alignment
• Strengthen and Condition Muscles and Ligaments
• Develop Movement and Phrasing.
• Learn the History of Ballet
• Develop a New Language of Expression.
• Understand French Terminology.
• Develop Mindfulness Through Dance
• Improve Bone Density

Stretch Class

Stretch is focused on the whole body along with core work and balance. It is a blend of various forms of exercises to increase flexibility and overall health. Strong emphasis is to listen to your body. Modifications offered throughout the class. You will leave with a greater awareness of your body from the inside out.

This class is open to everyone and all levels.  It has a little something for all as each class is designed to meet the needs of the individuals attending, hence no two classes are alike.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese health care system and origin of Chinese Medicine that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques, massage, and focused intention for health, harmony, balance, and longevity. Regular practice helps to prevent illness, sickness, and disease, while bringing flexibility and strength to the body. Qi Gong is a series of slow, methodical movements that incorporates breathing and mindfulness. It is said to be a form of moving meditation and is an anti-aging practice. Practice is beneficial for all ages and all levels. No previous experience required.

MELT™ Strengthen & Stretch

Every week specific muscle groups especially those small stabilizers that we often neglect are addressed through self message, strengthening and stretching. Various prop are used to achieve this pain free, better quality of life existence.

If you want to keep moving in life, this is the class for you! Highly recommended for athletes of all sports!

From The Inside Out

A light hearted but powerful class. Students are taught how to engage their deepest core muscles through in depth training in therapeutic yoga and a variety of somatic methods.

Working from the inside out is a sure way to bring balance, strength, confidence and flexibility into the body while enhancing mindfulness and peace. Student taking this class report the disappearance of chronic pain, increased endurance and improved functional movement in their everyday activities.

Come meet your body in this one of a kind core class. A good fit for new comers to fitness as well as seasoned athletes!

Strength & Conditioning

You will never be bored! You will become stronger than you ever imagined. These classes will motivate you! You will be introduced to a plethora of training methods that will make your trainings not only enjoyable but highly effective in reaching your fitness goals. Pilates, Calisthenics,
Cardiovascular Fitness, Outdoor Workouts and Weight Training are just a few of the things you will master in this class.