Carlotta Hayes

Carlotta Hayes has studied yoga postures and philosophy since 1975. Yoga classes were nearly nonexistent on the East Coast at this time, so she taught herself yoga postures from a paperback book, skipping over the boring parts like how to meditate and using various breathing techniques. (Today she feels those “boring” parts are essential skills if you want to live a purposeful, peaceful life).

A decade later, she was living in California. Suffering from a back injury and a broken heart, she happened to discover Kali Ray TriYoga Academy, just a few blocks away from her workplace. Similar to BodyStrongBoston, classes were unlimited for a set monthly fee, so she took one, two or sometimes three classes a day, enough to realize the effects of a committed yoga practice. Here she learned the parts she had skipped over before, since every class included meditation and a breathing practice. To her amazement, not only was her back pain-free but she was walking out of these classes feeling good about herself in a new way. Carlotta got her first teacher certification from Kali Ray in 1992 and after a second teacher certification back on the East Coast began teaching Viniyoga classes in the Boston area in 2000.

Today her classes, inclusive and beneficial for newcomers as well as experienced yoga students, are inspired by Yin Yoga as well as Viniyoga.

Starting your day with a clear sense of purpose changes everything. Carlotta’s Friday morning Viniyoga class combines purposeful breathing with moving and still postures so you leave energized and focused for the day ahead. Each class includes a short meditation.

Learning how to relax deeply at will is a powerful ability, since we all make better choices when we feel terrific. Carlotta’s candlelit Friday evening Yin, Restorative Yoga and Meditation class will soothe your soul and relax away any tension. We can be more authentically generous and joyful when we take time to recharge.